Have you ever needed a hatch pattern that you could not find in a standard library

If so, you can get your calculus book out or you can use a program that will automatically convert your drawing into a hatch pattern

Try one of the following utilities.

Figure 1
Spanish Roof Tile hatch pattern


Figure 2
Portion of hatch pattern that repeats.



Create a new drawing.

Draw a square with the lower left corner at 0,0

Using ONLY lines draw the pattern. 

Make sure that the lines that abut the edges match.  For example in figure 2 points 3 and 4 align.

Scale the entire drawing so that it is 1 x 1.

Remove the square outline.

Use one of the hatch pattern generator utilities to save your new pattern.  You will be prompted for a name and a location.

Use the Bhatch command to insert your hatch.  Choose the Custom Pattern option.